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(Milton, WI) - Andrea Behling, Gazette

A proposed restaurant and convenience store at the corner of Sunnyside Drive and Highway 59 is “somewhat monumental” in that it kicks off the development along the new Highway 26/59 corridor, Milton Mayor Brett Frazier said Tuesday.

Both retail stores are “internationally known and well respected,” City Administrator Jerry Schuetz said. The end users cannot be released yet due to confidentiality agreements.

The plan commission on Tuesday unanimously approved the project's memorandum of understanding with the Department of Transportation and the conceptual site plan.

The project is a non-TIF district development on a 5-acre parcel. The new property value means it will provide Milton taxpayers immediate revenue and property tax relief, Schuetz said. It also will provide employment opportunities, he said.

Grevling Real Estate LLC has been working with Milton and the DOT for the past nine months to approve the development in the Crossroads Business Park.

The project almost was stopped in its tracks because of DOT access restrictions.

In January, the council OK'd an annexation ordinance bringing properties located along the proposed site into the city of Milton. The move was made to take control of access points formerly in the town of Milton for the new development.

In late February the council learned access restrictions imposed by the DOT limited, if not prohibited, the development.

It was the deliberate efforts of Frazier, the council and local state senators and representatives that pushed the proposed development through, Schuetz said.

A memorandum of understanding was created after a meeting with the DOT to lift the access restriction. The city and developer had to agree to the plan and pay for costs associated with required access paid for by the state.

The agreement stipulated the developer limit internal traffic by putting in a right turn only access point on Sunnyside Drive.

The council also approved a development land swap that would square off the site. The site followed the old property lines of Chicago Street, which became an extension of Sunnyside Drive after the realignment of Highway 59.

“There is huge value in the land transfer. The way we're doing it is the most simple,” said Brian Adamson, Grevling Real Estate's representative for the project.

Frazier called the development an “exceptional project.”

“We're excited to get started,” he said.

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