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(Milton, WI) Excerpts Courtesy of the Gazette

After receiving city approval, business owners hope their new brewpub will be operating in Milton's Goodrich Square by next spring.

The brewpub will be called Milton Brewing Company and located at 302/304 S. Janesville St., next door to Northleaf Winery.

Winery owners John and Gail Nordlof own the property and will lease it to brewpub owners Wayne and Betsy Lubke. The winery and brewpub will be separate but complementary businesses, Wayne Lubke said.

“We think that the customer base, the dynamics and the type of customers that come to the winery are similar to those types of customers that like to explore craft beer and brewpubs. We think the demographics are very similar,” he said.

A restaurant also is planned. Renovations at the property will add hundreds of square feet to accommodate a kitchen and brewing area, Lubke said.

The city council on Tuesday approved the brewpub under a few conditions, including that all venting must be toward the winery to the north and that no exits or windows will be built or added on the south side.

“Brewpubs and wineries are very popular in Wisconsin, so we are excited to have this kind of unique opportunity come to Milton,” Hulick said.

“It'll be another of the many reasons to find and come into Milton and spend time in Milton.” Lubke said. “We're very excited.”

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