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(Beloit, WI) Sophie Harris, Beloit Daily News

Beloit’s Fat Wallet plans to hire well over 100 people for this year’s holiday season, and many of these positions are expected to become permanent.

According to Fat Wallet President Ryan Washatka, the company typically hires quite a few people for the holiday season. However, the company continues to grow and the need for more employees grows with the company.

“We’re committed to growth, and we’re committed to Beloit,” Washatka said. “We want to know that we have room to grow.”

Because he’s seen a need for growth, Washatka said there’s a possibility Fat Wallet could move to the Ironworks complex. Fat Wallet, originally from the Rockton area, is currently located at 100 E. Grand Ave. in downtown Beloit.

Washatka said this season’s hiring will consist of customer service employees, content curators, online bargain hunters and more.

“We increase by 25 percent each year because of the growth of all our brands,” Washatka said. “We need to increase staffing accordingly.”

He said many of the seasonal workers stay and work permanently at the company.

“Our employee mix is pretty unique,” Washatka said. “We have a customer care component, and we’ve got a core team of engineers.”

With employees working in sales, engineering, social media, customer service, content curation and more, Washatka said he thinks the company is very well rounded. Although Fat Wallet’s sister company is located in San Francisco, Washatka said there are perks to being in the Midwest, like affordability.

Fat Wallet’s hiring process is already underway, and the company is hiring employees for positions in a number of fields. The positions are both full-time and part-time, and Washatka said although pay varies per position, all wages are competitive.

Applicants should have basic computer skills, since much of Fat Wallet’s business is conducted online. Washatka said he is looking for employees who like to shop and save money, because that’s what Fat Wallet helps their customers do.

“We are a company that’s very customer focused,” Washatka said. “We like to help people save money and find deals, and we have fun here. It’s a great culture to work in.”

In his opinion, having fun at work is a priority.

“We bring our employees lunch every day,” Washatka said. “It supports surrounding businesses to have it catered, and it creates camaraderie to eat lunch together.”

Employees have access to a full kitchen and snacks during their shift, and they can take short breaks with the foosball, darts, and games provided in the office.

“It’s all about respect. People enjoy having those things around,” Washatka said. “It can help solve a mental block to take a 10-15 minute break. I’ve never really had an issue with people abusing that.”

Washatka said he wants most of the hiring to be done in late September and early October, and he hopes to have the new staff trained by late October. To apply for all positions online, go to


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