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(Janesville, WI) By Jim Leute, Gazette

A Janesville company that specializes in document conversion has been recognized as the 34th largest job creator in the United States.

In its list of top 100 job creators, Inc. magazine listed Data Dimensions as the second-largest job creator in Wisconsin between Jan. 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013.

In that time frame, the Janesville-based company created 350 jobs, the magazine reported in it “Hire Power Awards.”

That growth isn't expected to end anytime soon, company officials said Tuesday.

Data Dimensions specializes in business process automation, helping customers streamline workflows by converting forms and hard copy documents into electronic documents through a variety of document capture services.

“Data Dimensions has always striven to be a job creator in our community, and we're so glad that we've been successful enough to become a top job creator not only in our state, but on the national level as well,” said Jon Boumstein, the company's president and chief executive officer.

He attributed the company's rapid growth to an uptick across all of its business segments as well as a government contract for processing and automating a mountainous backlog of medical records for the Veterans Administration.

“It's really happening all across our enterprise, and certainly with our work for the VA,” Boumstein said. “The VA just increased our work by 20 percent, so we're obviously doing something right to drive that.”

Boumstein said the growth is not likely to stop. He predicts company officials will gather after the holidays to talk about the company's infrastructure, namely buildings and people.

Mark Bush, Data Dimensions' chairman, said the company's revenue growth likely will be at least 50 percent ahead of last year's. That pattern should continue next year, he said.

“I really think the growth is a result of us being a privately held, family-owned company,” Bush said. “We're more substantial in size now, and I think we're winning a lot of the business we're going after because we're more of a known, privately-held entity.”

Walter Bush, Mark's father, incorporated Data Dimensions in 1982.

In Janesville, it operates corporate offices, a records management center, a processing facility and a Tier III data center that opened in 2010.

It also has two operations in the Milwaukee area and one in Clinton, Iowa.

Earlier this year, Data Dimensions broke ground on a $6 million operations facility in Clinton, Iowa, where the company has operated since 1988. The expansion's 30,000-square-foot center will house a state-of-the-art Tier II data center, and it will nearly double the size of the existing facility.

“We're going to move into that facility in mid-November, and it already looks full,” Boumstein said.

Data Dimensions employs 816 people at its locations, including 665 in Janesville.

A company spokeswoman said the majority of job growth occurred in Janesville.

Other Wisconsin companies listed by Inc. magazine and the jobs they created were Waupaca Foundry, Waupaca (414); Pinstripe, Brookfield (212); WTS Paradigm, Middleton (37); Fox World Travel, Oshkosh (24); Super Steel, Milwaukee (22), and GSF Mortgage, Brookfield (21).

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