Consider Rock County

Embrace the difference a location can make.

Welcome to Rock County, Wisconsin. Here, you can leave the hustle-and bustle behind for a more casually paced lifestyle where less time is spent stressing, and more time is spent living.

Located in South Central Wisconsin, on the Wisconsin / Illinois border, Rock County is truly Wisconsin’s Front Porch. Its central location makes Rock County a short drive from Chicago and Rockford, Illinois, as well as Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. Whether looking for that fresh start or an opportunity to come back home, consider Rock County, Wisconsin.

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Whether you are new to the area or returning to your roots, you can find what you’re looking for here.

Located in South Central Wisconsin along the scenic Ice Age Trail, Rock County provides a unique environment where urban and rural interests not only coexist, but thrive together. Our communities are anchored by the Rock River and positioned on the Stateline where Interstates 39/90 and 43 intersect. Many of the foundations that contributed toward the area’s DNA remain vibrant today.

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New or old, big or small, rural or urban

No matter what your housing needs are, you can find your next home in Rock County.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer; an empty nester looking to downsize into a condominium; a growing family looking to up-size; an executive needing a larger indoor/ outdoor space for entertaining; a young professional looking for a unique downtown space close to the entertainment district; or a family working through a transitional phase, Rock County offers a variety of housing options to meet a number of needs.

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Rock County is home to eleven K-12 public school districts

Providing quality education for the area’s youth with an emphasis on academics, as well as community service.

Common characteristics found within Rock County’s K-12 school districts include pace-setting Advanced Placement courses; industry-specific Career & Technical Education programming; cutting-edge access to workplace technology; and integrated agreements with post-secondary institutions.

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The area is home to a diverse collection of firms

Recognized as well as emerging firms that provide various career pathways and occupational opportunities.

With an impressive track record for cultivating the growth of privately held and publicly traded companies, the area provides an eclectic array of career options for primary and secondary wage earners alike.

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Rock County is home to an extensive healthcare network

A healthcare network that provides advanced and responsive medical care.

Several medical facilities are located throughout Rock County, meaning that access to healthcare is literally minutes away. Whether for individual, family or business and regardless if routine or specialized — the region’s healthcare providers offer piece of mind.

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Whether starting a new chapter in your life, embarking down a different career path, or opening up your entrepreneurial spirit, consider Rock County.

With Interstates 39/90 and 43 providing easy access to nearby Chicago and Milwaukee, Rock County scores high on the affordability scale — and without sacrificing important quality of life standards. The types of offerings you can enjoy by living or working in the Rock County region include top-notch educational and healthcare services; safe, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods; recognized global and industry-leading firms; and direct connectivity to international flight providers, acclaimed performing arts, Big 10 and professional sporting events, and places of historical significance.

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