County Launches ARPA Funded Grant Program for Small Business and Non-Profits

October 19, 2021

(Rock County, WI) In response to the ongoing economic challenges caused by the pandemic, particularly for small businesses and non-profits that may have experienced obstacles as it concerns securing critical financial and technical assistance, the County of Rock has created a COVID-19 Small Business and Non-Profit Grant Program (CGP).

The CGP, which is funded through a portion of the County’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation, will provide a grant equal to the amount of documented losses incurred by an applicant in YR 2020 (i.e. up to a maximum of $10,000 per applicant). In addition to providing this direct funding, the CGP also has a technical assistance provision that’s affiliated with the UW Small Business Development Center(s) and the Arrowhead Library System. These technical assistance services will be provided free of charge.

An added feature of the CGP is a provision that reimburses professional third-party service provider and/or advisors – including but limited to accountants, attorneys, bankers, chambers of commerce / EDO’s, business consultants, etc. – for their assistance and/or expertise with regards to helping client’s/member’s apply to the CGP. To receive this stipend, the provider / advisor business must be registered; and the application submittal must reference both the assistance and the provider / advisor.

All CGP awards, including the provider / advisor stipends, will be disbursed via the platform – an automated clearing house (ACH) vendor. Since the CGP is well capitalized, the application window will remain open and funds will be disbursed until the ARPA allocation has been exhausted. For additional information, visit