County Seeks Employer and Childcare Provider Input

April 12, 2022

(Rock County, WI) Rock County, in collaboration with other groups, is requesting input from the Greater Rock County / Stateline Area employers and childcare providers. Since childcare and workforce development are increasingly interconnected, these targeted assessments are intended to explore various childcare-related topics. Specifically, the employer survey is focused on gathering data and information with respect to how employers are addressing childcare-related employee benefits, as part of their overall retention / attraction strategies. Meanwhile, the childcare provider survey dives into numerous childcare capacity, operational and staffing topics – with an emphasis on identifying challenges, as well as opportunities, facing family (in-home) and group childcare providers.

To access the Employer Survey, visit this link:

To access the Childcare Provider Survey, visit this link:

Each survey will remain open until April 29th. The aggregate feedback will be analyzed and used to assist with providing input that can be leveraged to assist with shaping local – and perhaps even regional and/or statewide – childcare-related public policy recommendations. For additional information, please contact the Rock County Economic Development Agency at or 608-757-5598.