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Rock County Population Figures

Rock County’s current population of 163,687 continues to rank among Wisconsin’s largest counties. Steady-to-moderate population growth, as measured by comparative Census data, is directly attributed to the County’s close proximity to larger, metropolitan locations such as Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford and Chicago. Geography, industry and transportation linkages - coupled with lower cost of living indicators - continue to facilitate Rock County’s overall positive growth patterns.

For additional information, please click on any one of the following community names and/or visit the Rock County Profile (2020 U.S. Census Bureau) online.

City of Beloit
Population 36,657
Town of Beloit 
Population 7,721
City of Brodhead
Population 85
City of Edgerton
Population 5,779
City of Evansville
Population 5,703
City of Janesville
Population 65,615
 City of Milton
Population 5,716
Village of Clinton
Population 2,221
Village of Footville
Population 772
Village of Orfordville
Population 1,473
Town of Avon
Population 570
Town of Bradford
Population 1,013
Town of Center
Population 1,046
Town of Clinton
Population 889
Town of Fulton
Population 3,580
Town of Harmony
Population 2,569
Town of Janesville
Population 3,665
Town of Johnstown
Population 766
Town of LaPrairie
Population 784
Town of Lima
Population 1,271
Town of Magnolia
Population 742
Town of Milton
Population 3,100
Town of Newark
Population 1,510
Town of Plymouth
Population 1,245
Town of Porter
Population 969
Town of Rock
Population 2,981
Town of Spring Valley
Population 728
Town of Turtle
Population 2,393
Town of Union
Population 2,104

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